1. General information.
    1. The mbeko.pl Website operator is MB EKO S.A. Długa 90 street, 41-208 Sosnowiec Poland.
    2. The Website gathers information about users and their behaviour through cookie files saved in data terminal equipment.
  2. Information on cookies.
    1. The Website uses cookies.
    2. Cookies are computer data, in particular in the form of text files, which are stored in the data terminal equipment of the Website User and are intended to be used when navigating the Website. Cookies typically contain the name of the website of origin, the storage time on the data terminal equipment and a unique number.
    3. The entity that places cookies on the Website User’s data terminal equipment and gains access to them is the Website Operator.
    4. Cookies are used for the following purposes:
      1. to create statistical data that offers insight into how Website Users navigate web pages, which allows their structure and content to be improved;
      2. to maintain the Website User’s session (after logging in) in order to avoid the need to re-enter the login and password on every subpage;
      3. to establish the user profile in order to display the user-tailored content in advertising networks, in particular the Google network.
      4. The Website uses two basic cookie types: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files stored on the User’s data terminal equipment until the User logs off, leaves the website or exits software (web browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the User’s data terminal equipment for a fixed period of time as specified in the parameters of the cookies themselves or until removed by the User.
      5. The software used to browse websites (a web browser) usually permits cookies to be stored on the User’s data terminal equipment by default. Website Users can modify browser settings at any time. The web browser allows cookies to be deleted. It is also possible to block cookies automatically. For detailed information please refer to your browser’s help menu or documentation.
      6. Restricting the use of cookies may affect some of the features and the functionality of the Website.
      7. Cookies saved on the Website User’s data terminal equipment may also be used by the advertisers and partners collaborating with the Website Operator.
      8. We recommend reading the privacy policy of such entities in order to learn the rules of using cookies in statistics: Privacy Policy of Google Analytics
      9. Cookies may be used by advertising networks, and the Google network in particular, to display advertisements tailored to the use pattern of the Website User. For this purpose they may retain information about the user navigation path or the time spent on a given page.
      10. With regard to information about user preferences collected by the Google advertising network the user may browse and edit information stored in cookies using the following tool: https://www.google.com/ads/preferences/
  3. Disclosure of data
    1. Data may be disclosed to third parties only to the extent permitted by the laws in force.
    2. Any data that would enable a natural person to be identified can only be disclosed with that person’s consent.
    3. The Operator may be required to provide the information gathered by the Website to authorised bodies based on legitimate demands arising from the demand.
  4. Managing cookies – how to express and withdraw consent in practice?
    1. If users do not wish to receive cookies, they can modify their browser settings. Please note that switching off the handling of cookies necessary for authentication, security and saving user preferences may hinder and in extreme cases even prevent the use of the Website.
    2. To manage your cookie settings please select your web browser/system from the list below and follow the instructions:
      1. Internet Explorer
      2. Chrome
      3. Safari
      4. Firefox
      5. Opera
    3. You can find more information about cookies at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie or in the “Help” section of your browser menu.
    4. Should you have questions regarding our privacy policy, you can contact us at interactive@artgroup.pl or mbeko@ctl.pl
    5. Any modifications to the privacy policy will be announced by an amendment to this text.

Waste codes

Information on waste and by-products admitted and processed by our company.

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Ważne: strona wykorzystuje pliki cookies.

Używamy informacji zapisanych w plikach cookies m.in. w celach statystycznych oraz w celu dopasowania serwisu do indywidualnych potrzeb użytkownika. W programie służącym do obsługi internetu możesz zmienić ustawienia dotyczące akceptowania plików cookies.

Korzystanie ze strony bez zmiany ustawień dotyczących plików cookies oznacza, że będą one zapisane w pamięci urządzenia. Więcej informacji, wraz ze wskazówkami dotyczącymi zmiany ustawień, można znaleźć w Polityce prywatności