MB EKO SA is a member of the CTL Maczki-Bór SA Group, and has many years of experience in waste management, including those from:

  • black coal combustion, such as ashes, slags, ash-slag mixtures, desulphurisation gypsum

  • black coal mining and processing, such as gangue and flotation sludges

  • construction works and earthworks, such as debris and soil from excavations

  • other branches of industry

Currently, MB EKO is gaining experience in the management of slags from municipal waste incineration plants.

MB EKO also conducts the reclamation and revitalisation of degraded land, preparing it for new and useful functions as specified in the local area development plan, study of land use conditions and directions or decisions concerning the build-up and use of land.

The ongoing activities are supported by R&D works conducted together with other research centres, with the aim of developing management methods for the by-products of black coal combustion in the commercial power industry, gangue minerals from mining and black coal processing, as well as other industrial waste.

MB EKO places emphasis on development aimed at diversifying the methods and opportunities of managing waste in compliance with the binding laws, while also considering the economic aspects and principles of sustainable development. In this scope of the developmental activity, MB EKO continues to cooperate with research centres in Poland, especially in the Śląskie and Małopolskie Provinces.

During the many years of its business activities, MB EKO has developed a range of significant solutions to environmental problems related to waste management and land reclamation. The representatives of the company actively participate in current works on creating and amending the legal regulations concerning general environmental protection.

Company authorities:

  • Sławomir Rzepecki


  • Jarosław Hasik

    Registered agent

Waste codes

Information on waste and by-products admitted and processed by our company.

See waste codes arrow

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